Why Do People Buy from JMC?

An engineering background and industry experience.

This greatly facilitates an understanding of a technology, potential product features, customer applications and the IP commercialization options to achieve corporate goals.

Deficiencies at the detailed market study stage are the number one cause of new product failures according to Winning at New Products by Robert G. Cooper.

Track record.

JMC has a track record in many industries of market assessments of technology products and custom research for government agencies:

  • chemical processing operations
  • computer hardware and software
  • engineering design software
  • Internet infrastructure
  • marine products
  • medical devices
  • municipal governments
  • provincial and federal governments
  • trucking and construction equipment
  • value-added wood products

Research driven methodology.

JMC's research driven approach to developing market entry strategies gives decision makers a factual foundation for making investment decisions. In the five step Marketing Process for Launching a New Product flow chart, a typical market assessment project goes to the middle of step three. An investment in market research reduces the investment risk and increases the ROI on the large sales and promotion expenses in step four.

Experience with new venture creation milestones.

JMC combines customized qualitative and quantitative market research with front-line experience to achieve the business goals of researchers, CEOs and government managers, e.g. achieving investor-ready or export-ready milestones, U.S. entry strategies, independent market assessment, product and market definition for R&D, licensing options, cluster opportunities, etc.