Medical Devices and Equipment

Pain Meter for Arthritis Doctors

This was a marketing study of a pain measurement device for arthritis doctors. The dolorimeter was repositioned from its intended market of arthritis doctors (market too small to be commercially viable) into a device for general practitioners (market 100 times larger). Based on interviews with doctors, JMC also recommended design changes.

Dental Implant System

Dental Implant SystemJMC developed a business plan for a new company with a second generation dental implant system designed for periodontists and prosthodontists. The company was positioned against established competitors in the fastest growing segment of the dental industry. It successfully went from a verbal concept to a major sale in Europe within one year.

Compound Semiconductor for Medical Imaging

A commercialization assessment was conducted for an R&D company developing a production scale, crystal growth process able to produce a variety of high purity, high value, specialty, semiconductor materials.

JMC recommended focusing on the medical imaging cadmium zinc telluride (CZT) market which was larger than five other potential markets combined. For this material, the new production technology had a competitive technical advantage with high quality, spectrometer grade CZT. The study also looked at the potential of gallium antimonide (GaSb) in an emerging thermal photovoltaic market for converting radiant energy from a propane flame into electricity.

As a follow-up project, the consultant was active in organizing a new company to commercialize the intellectual property, in vending the IP into a new company; and in attracting financial and people resources (seed capital, angel financing, directors and early management). Today the company has 40 employees; has raised $14 million in venture financing and is making the transition from an R&D company to a manufacturing company.

Sporty Recumbent Tricycle for Adults with Disabilities.

Sporty Recumbent TricycleThis was a product viability study of a patented, high end recumbent tricycle. It had achieved sales at different price points to an enthusiastic user base of approximately 100 customers. Qualitative research was conducted among customers and non-purchasers. The research discovered that one half of its sales had been to buyers with visible or invisible disabilities despite an absence of applicable sales messages or targeted media. The early customers gave high marks to this product from a design and market potential perspective. JMC made brand marketing recommendations for a consumer product ready to graduate from R&D to commercialization. In a follow-on project, the consultant assisted the company to raise seed capital.

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