Marine Products

Airlift Technology for Recreational Boating

The goal of our client was to commercialize airlift technology for water craft starting with catamarans. He had been following European developments in the field closely for many years and had built demonstration prototypes. JMC assisted the entrepreneur to put his vision for the technology and commercialization plans into writing. JMC did a market review of two large recreational boating markets and prepared documentation for presentation to potential seed capital investors.

Ice Airboat for Search and Rescue Groups

Ice AirboatThis client had a full-size, operational prototype of a 16 foot ice airboat. Unlike conventional vehicles, it can operate in dangerous conditions of thin ice, mixed ice and shallow water and travel on inland lakes year round. JMC tested the company's hypothesis that a mid-sized ice airboat vehicle that reduced the risks faced by ice rescue personnel would be of interest to the search and rescue (SAR) market. A custom research survey was administered to a cross-section of search and rescue groups across Canada.

Solar-powered Hazard Light for Marine Applications

Solar-powered Hazard LightThis project was a multi-market survey for a private, pre-revenue, R&D company with a pre-production prototype of a solar-powered hazard light. The study goal was to prioritize potential markets for a new product that was still expensive to manufacture. Eight potential markets were reviewed using published information and a research survey. The company subsequently accessed public financing and is now a high-profile company on the TSX with annual sales of $60 million (

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