Custom Industry Research - Local Governments

Manufacturer Attraction Strategies for Regional Economic Development

A market research report on industry clusters for business attraction was prepared for an economic development agency. JMC did the research front end for a targeted direct mail campaign aimed at companies that might be receptive to establishing a local branch plant. A potentially receptive out-of-province target market was located. Sales messages were identified that took advantage of the strengths of a local manufacturing cluster.

Community Fibre Optic Network Feasibility

This project examined the feasibility of establishing a fibre optic utility by a city of 80,000 led by a visionary mayor. A telephone survey was administered to demographically stratified groups of 400 businesses and 1,000 residents with an overall response rate of 45% being achieved. The results were tabulated, analyzed and presented to the city council. Phase one of a city wide fibre optic network was approved at a cost of $1 million. Phase one of one of the first community fibre optic networks in North America was subsequently built. It is 40 km long and operates at 100 times the speed of regular high-speed Internet.

Forms Automation Software for Local Governments

Forms Automation SoftwareAfter experimenting with a bulk mailing of demo kits to its U.S. target market, our client commissioned a market assessment study. Its target market was enticing because it had 40,000 potential customers but it also had some large competitors. Meeting the needs of a low-end, price-sensitive, multi-department market requires developing a robust, mature product with low support costs. After a decade of R&D and sales in the Canadian market, these criteria had been met. Our recommendations discussed how to enter a mature market with intense competition where products must be clearly and effectively positioned. Differentiation alone is not sufficient; a successful product must be able to enter a crowded market without competing head to head with a market leader.

GIS Software for U.S. Counties and Municipalities

This client was a $2 million per year geographic information software (GIS) vendor with a high end PC-based GIS product. Its product was trapped in a maturing market between low end products with increasing functionality, and multi-user workstation products migrating downwards. JMC recommended focusing on tight vertical markets where the product was clearly superior and recommended how to differentiate it from the competition. 5,100 U.S. municipalities in the 10,000 to 100,000 population range were identified as being the optimum target market.

Stored Value Card

Stored Value CardThis was a multi-market assessment of a stored value card undergoing field trials by a municipal transit authority. Its developer was attempting to compete against conventional magnetic stripe cards, contactless smart cards and coins. JMC reviewed opportunities and developments in the banking, municipal transit, telephone and vending machine industries. JMC recommended which target market to focus on in the long term and preparation steps in the short term to build the company's infrastructure.

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