Internet Infrastructure

Canadian Pilot of WiMAX Wireless Internet Service

JMC conducted qualitative market research for the mobility division of a large telephone company during the first Canadian pilot of WiMAX wireless Internet access. WiMAX is a form of extended wireless Internet access that can service a wide geographic area. A community whose geography of mountains and valleys presented technical challenges was selected for the pilot test. JMC conducted focus groups among four demographic groups including IT managers, home-based businesses and retail consumers.

The market research identified different technical features of interest to computer savvy users versus regular consumers, the strengths and weaknesses of existing Internet suppliers and identified marketing challenges faced by a late entry into a competitive local market.

Expansion of a Municipal Fibre Optic Network

Fibre Optic NetworkFor a city-owned fibre optic utility, a market assessment was conducted of a proposed expansion of its leading edge 40 km fibre optic network to the computer desktop in commercial buildings. Market research objectives included purchase interest and intent, critical purchase factors, purchase decision making process, purchase motivations and interest in applications enabled by a 100 times increase in speed versus conventional wireless, ADSL and cable. The final report included a high level discussion of corporate milestones for the benefit of City Council members and recommendations on sales tactics and personnel to include in the implementation budget.

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