Trucking and Construction Equipment

Automatic Tie-Down System for Heavy Transport Trucks

Automatic Tie-Down SystemThis was a market assessment of a self-tensioning, air-powered winch system. The product is used for securing loads on open platform trailers such as dressed lumber that are hauled by heavy transport trucks. Based on interviews and industry information, four potential markets were identified in Washington and Oregon. JMC was pleased to also offer general corporate advice to a company at the prototype stage that became the overall winner of the New Ventures BC technology business contest. After the final market assessment report was available, the company was able to close on a $1 million round of financing from an institutional venture capital firm.

Equipment Monitoring Network for Trucking Fleets

This project involved a market assessment of a digital data acquisition network with good support for radio and cellular communication. We tested the hypothesis that its technical features would appeal to maintenance managers for U.S. trucking fleets operating large trucks of class seven and higher. Based on the research findings, we recommended abandoning this market and eventually found a fit in an industrial prototyping market.

Licensing Strategy for a Hydraulic Cylinder Design

Hydraulic Clinder DesignDeveloping a licensing strategy for a high-performance hydraulic cylinder design was the goal of this project. A strong base patent was in place for a design felt capable of increasing the productivity of crawler excavators, a popular construction machine sold by large companies like Caterpillar.

Feedback from design engineers in companies that specialize in manufacturing hydraulic cylinders was positive. Since this was a market with aggressive multinational companies, commercial success also required an investment in credible field trials, missionary marketing and upgrading the IP protection from a strong base patent to a patent fence. Our client was well financed but a joint venture commercialization strategy and potential partners were suggested.

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