Engineering Design Software

Electromagnetic Field Modelling Software for RF/microwave Engineers

This was a market assessment of electromagnetic field modeling software used by electrical engineers to model high frequency industrial design problems. The developer and financial supporters of his research chair wanted to better understand the market opportunities for the prototype stage intellectual property.

Business opportunities were identified in three different markets ranging from small to large (academic, RF/microwave, and conventional digital design). The developer was sufficiently reassured by the report to license the IP into a spin-off company and to start selling into two markets. For each market, the revenue potential and marketing strategies were presented. The research findings were based on commercial industry reports and a survey administered to design specialists.

Mechanical Engineering Design Software

This was a market assessment of finite element analysis (FEA) software for stress analysis by mechanical engineers. After locating 19 competitors, we changed the study objectives to locating a niche market that would be commercially viable. This was done by repositioning the product from a stand-alone design program to an AutoCAD accessory where it would have limited direct competition.

CNC Reverse Engineering System for Tool and Die Shops

This project reviewed the market for a laser measurement add-on to a CNC machine tool. The proposed product would allow a machine shop to capture 3D measurements without the capital expense of a dedicated co-ordinate measuring machine. The project goals were to review tool and die shops for purchase interest, price points, refine the product definition and to review competitive products.

Information was gathered from potential customers on their price sensitivity, measurement accuracy desired, benefits seen and on sales channels. This information allowed our engineer client to finalize the product's design specifications and to make business plan decisions based on feedback from potential customers.

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