Computer Hardware and Software

Parallel Processing Hardware and APL Software

This was a market assessment of a five-year-old university R&D project that had developed a prototype of parallel processing hardware and APL software. From an industry analysis we determined that this university research project was developing useful parallel processing technology but that there were too few potential customers in the APL software target market to attract the interest of venture capital investors. We eventually convinced the talented researcher to consider working with computer languages having a greater market potential.

Distance Measurement at Traffic Accidents

This was a market assessment of a prototype stage, non-contact, three-dimensional measurement system for short range distance measurement using digital photography. Close range photogrammetry is used by police in Germany and Japan at traffic accidents but it is not used in North America. JMC found good purchase interest among police specialists for the camera and software system but they lacked budgets and purchase authority. A sales strategy was recommended that including meeting the information needs of purchase decision makers at the Chief of Police level and of the justice system up to the Court of Appeal level.

Database Design Tool

This was a market assessment of a novel approach to designing relational database systems by using an expert system. Research with users, potential licensees and existing data modeling vendors indicated numerous barriers to sales success versus the established diagram-based methods of database design. However, opportunities were located in a related market segment by repositioning the product as an analytical tool.

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