Chemical Processing Operations

Composting Bio-reactor for Institutions

This was a market assessment of an automated in-vessel composting bio-reactor designed to process organic food wastes from institutions. It was designed for volume producers of food waste to be operated on-site by semi-skilled staff. JMC targeted institutional producers of food waste thought to be environmentally conscious for a purchase interest survey, e.g. universities and high-end resorts.

Recommendations for next steps included taking a strategic approach to beta testing so that it would result in reference customers useful in future sales activities. As a bonus, the survey identified several respondents with funds already in place that were looking for an equipment supplier.

Disposal Plant for Automobile Shredder Residue (ASR)

This project involved interviewing most out of the large U.S. companies that shred used automobiles. These companies produce small mountains of automobile shredder residue (ASR) that they need to dispose of. ASR is the mixture of plastics, rubber and car fluid residue remaining after car metals have been recovered. Our client had a pyrolysis plant that converted ASR into an ash concentrate along with a low grade fuel gas that could be scrubbed and burned to generate electricity on-site. JMC determined the purchase interest and technical information required to make this type of capital equipment decision.

Long Life Polyurethane Seals for Hydraulic Cylinders

Long Life Polyurethane Seals for Hydraulic CylindersOur engineer client had an innovation in a $100 million industrial seal market that is dominated by one supplier having more distributors than all its competitors combined. The first step was to develop a flowchart of the hydraulic seal industry to highlight potential markets and their size. One OEM, three end-user and three replacement seal markets were identified. Interviews were conducted in the market that was the best match with the skills and financial resources of the client. Marketing and sales recommendations followed.

Explosion Modelling Software

This project involved exploratory market research to look for non-military markets for an expert software system on the blast waves created by explosions. From 150 field trials, the expert system had a good knowledge of blast wave properties. It could predict eardrum, lung and gut injuries; and a safe evacuation distance. Custom research that started with emergency response organizations was expanded to emergency planning organizations and to the designers of petrochemical plants. Licensing opportunities were located with regulatory compliance, hazardous materials management and emergency response software vendors.

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