Mr. Paul Johansen

Paul JohansenMr. Johansen has experience in many aspects of IP commercialization including marketing consulting, venture financing, engineering, business incubation for an ILO, co-founder and CEO of a compound semiconductor hardware startup, patent issues, corporate governance, etc. Prior to starting JMC in 1990, he held engineering, marketing and corporate finance positions.

Mr. Johansen enjoys working on the front lines with fellow entrepreneurs, business owners and researchers. His uncommon combination of market research, technical and venture financing experience has prepared clients for new markets, investor due diligence and managing business growth. He has an MBA from Queens University, Ontario (1979), a B.A.Sc. in Chemical Engineering from the University of British Columbia and is a Professional Engineer in B.C. and Alberta. Hobbies include duplicate bridge, birding and trading options.

Ms. Karen Kelly

Ms. Kelly, Research Associate, is experienced in telephone and consumer interviews. She has done interviews of hard to reach people such as doctors, police sergeants, plant managers and engineers. She has six years of interview experience including in-depth interviews for Stevenson, Kellogg, Ernst and Whinney; and in managing telephone interviews for the Calgary branch of Tann Group Marketing Ltd. Karen Kelly has a Bachelor of Education (Regina, 1982).

Marketing Project Experience

JMC has done market assessments of technology products and custom market research for governments in the following industries:

  1. Chemical Processing Operations
    • Compost bio-reactor for institutions,
    • Disposal plant for automobile shredder residue,
    • Long life polyurethane seals for hydraulic cylinder OEMs,
    • Expert system on blast wave properties for chemical plant safety engineers.
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  2. Computer Hardware and Software
    • Parallel processing hardware and APL software,
    • Distance measurement camera and software for architects and policemen,
    • Expert system database design tool.
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  3. Custom Industry Research - Local Governments
    • Manufacturer attraction strategies for regional economic development,
    • Community fibre optic network feasibility for a proposed city utility,
    • Forms automation software for local governments,
    • GIS software for U.S. counties and municipalities,
    • Capacitive card fare system for municipal transit.
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  4. Custom Industry Research and Training - Senior Governments
    • International environmental regulations for meat processing plants,
    • Focus group training for provincial Ministry head office staff,
    • Industrial training opportunities for a college,
    • Human resource needs of local technology companies.
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  5. Engineering Design Software
    • Electromagnetic field modelling software for RF/microwave engineers,
    • FEA stress analysis software for mechanical engineers,
    • CNC reverse engineering system for tool and die shops.
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  6. Internet Infrastructure
    • First Canadian pilot of WiMAX wireless Internet access,
    • Community fibre optic network expansion for a city utility.
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  7. Marine Products
    • Air lift technology for recreational boating,
    • Ice airboat for search and rescue groups,
    • Solar-powered hazard light for marine applications.
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  8. Medical Devices and Equipment
    • Pain meter for arthritis doctors,
    • Dental implants for periodontists and prosthodontists,
    • Compound semiconductors for medical imaging,
    • Sporty recumbent tricycle for adults with disabilities.
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  9. Trucking and Construction Equipment
    • Automatic tension winch for flat deck trailer straps,
    • Equipment monitoring network for trucking fleets,
    • Variable power hydraulic cylinder for mobile construction equipment designers.
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  10. Value-added Wood Products